Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee

Lavazza introduces it's Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee

¡Tierra! was Lavazza’s first independent CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Now a line of products — which offers the highest quality and continues to evolve.

The ¡Tierra! project was started in 2002.  Lavazza set up a project involving three coffee-growing communities in Honduras, Peru and Colombia. It did this with technical support from VOLCAFE, one of the world’s leading traders in green coffee. The project was based on a conviction that social development and economic growth are not mutually exclusive, and that the host countries’ environmental, social and cultural norms must be respected if this growth is to be compatible with the protection of natural resources. The first phase, involved three communities in Peru, Honduras and Colombia. The second phase, launched in 2010, involves India, Brazil and Tanzania.


Both phases share three key aims:

• to improve the living conditions, social development and economic growth of farming communities
• to improve the inhabitability and sustainibility of the land
• to develop high-quality productions while creating greater competitiveness and independence

To achieve these goals, plans have been set up to improve, simplify and make coffee production more efficient; homes, schools and infirmaries have been built or restructured; and micro projects have been established.
The results meet the needs of everyone involved — the project beneficiaries, who have become fully independent producers of a better green coffee, the company, and coffee lovers, who can enjoy two new Lavazza blends which are sustainable and excellent at the same time.

Tierra seeks to enable these highly impoverished communities to improve their living standards and the quality of their coffee, to find ways of selling it on more advantageous and competitive terms, and to achieve greater financial independence, all using environment-friendly techniques

The Rainforest Alliance, original pioneer of the concept of certified sustainable coffee, and Lavazza have gotten together to help farmers in remote villages in Colombia, Honduras, and Peru to improve their quality of life along with the coffee they grow. The second phase of the ¡Tierra! project, launched in 2010, involves communities of small local coffee growers in Brazil, India and Tanzania. As always, equal attention is paid to coffee quality and the growers’ living conditions. The various projects envisage environmental, social and economic conditions, with the specific aim of improving agricultural practices, such as soil analysis, the proper use of fertilisers, improved pruning techniques, sustainable techniques and so on

Believing that good farming practices can produce top quality beans, better prices for farmers, sustain rural communities, and help conserve the rainforest all at the same time, the duo is helping to guide coffee producers with farming, training, and capital.

The project has seen investment in each of the three regions - improving housing, schooling and medical facilities. ¡Tierra! coffee from Lavazza, is sourced solely from these communities.

Farmers learn how to protect wildlife habitat, plant trees, combat pests without dangerous pesticides, rebuild houses, replace inefficient old mills with modern machines that use far less water and control pollution, compost organic wastes, implement worker health and safety programs, and plant protective buffer strips along streams.

The result of all this is Lavazza ¡Tierra! Rainforest Alliance, an Excellent 100% Arabica coffee made by blending green coffees exclusively from the communities involved. It is characterised by its aromatic notes and floral sweetness, together with good body.

So now you can use Lavazza Rainforest Alliance capsules in your espresso machine, your coffee vending machine or coffee machine

This is a product that boasts complete traceability:. Now available with the Blue Pod Coffee Co coffee machines.