History of Lavazza



In 1895, a young entrepreneur named Luigi Lavazza opened a small grocer’s shop in Turin, Italy, selling dry goods and consumables. He soon found his coffee, roasted on site, to be the best-seller with the fine attention to detail and the Italian craftsmanship quickly finding its niche. Over 120 years later and the Lavazza brand it still the name for quality and prestige in coffee and had grown into a symbol of Italian excellence.


Years of experience and relentless attention to detail has made Lavazza the market leader in Italy and, with a presence in over 60 countries, they are now also the world leaders in coffee pods. Over 20 million Lavazza coffee pods are produced and consumed every day along with a full range of blends and coffee-based products for any taste. In Italy and abroad, the Lavazza Company has a reputation for always being one step ahead of consumer trends at home, at work and in varied commercial environments.


Lavazza revolutionised the coffee industry with the advent of the vacuum-sealed tin allowing coffee to be kept fresher for longer and travel further, this same innovation continues today with the Lavazza BLUE coffee pods. Vacuum-packed and sealed, the Lavazza BLUE capsules contain all the quality and freshness of Lavazza espresso coffee with the added convenience of the pod system. Used with Lavazza’s state-of-the-art, Italian designed coffee machines and coffee vending machines, the capsule system allows anyone to enjoy a genuine Italian espresso, anywhere. Innovation and Lavazza go hand in hand with over 300 intellectual property rights held by the company through sponsorship and training.


Synonymous with quality and excellence for more than 120 years, Lavazza will continue this pursuit of innovation and discovery. Focused on sustainability with their various projects, Lavazza is striving for a future paved in consequence and grounded in tradition.